Meet the Live Trading Challenge traders:

- Vasillia Kavvathas, Orange, Greece, 3rd Place LTC 334 (Bio)

- Cort Hooper, Pittsburg, Texas, USA, 1st Place LTC 333 (Bio)

- Fabiano De Bei, Roma, Italy, 2nd Place LTC 333 (Bio)

- Robert C, Newbury, MA, 4th Place LTC 333 (Bio)

- Manzur Mazumder, Cordova, USA, 4th Place LTC 331 (Bio)

- Sandra T, Kindenheim, Germany, 1st Place 2nd Annual LTC 2016 Championship (Bio)

- Luca T, Milano, Italy, 2nd Place 2nd Annual LTC 2016 Championship (Bio)

- Sergio T, Arezzo, Italy, 1st Place LTC 231 (Bio)

- Tiziano Brunno, Tenerife, Spain, 2nd place LTC 231 (Bio)

- Denis Giovannini, Rome, Italy, 1st Place 1st Annual LTC 2015 Championship (Bio)

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