Certified coaches can help prepare you for participation in the Live Trading Challenge with an emphasis on technique and strategy. Also if you are new to Futures trading and interested in making a transition to these markets the Certified Coaches can help.

David KatzDavid Katz, LTC Certified Coach


Meet full time trading professional and educator, David Katz! As a 10 year market veteran, and author of the e-Manual, "Trading the Trend", David believes in staying focused on mastering ONE trading strategy. His mantra is: "One Strategy~~Any Market~~Any Chart~~Any Timeframe."


Trend Trading Plan Webinar Series

Session 1 - Psychology of Trading
Session 2 - Trend Trading
Session 3 - Trade Management

Pietro TerzanoPietro Terzano, LTC Certified Coach


Pietro is the co-owner and co-founder of Savius. In 2003 he built and successfully launched a start-up derivatives brokerage firm. He later moved to the trading side where he worked both as an independent trader as well as a prop trader for two of the Shipping industry leaders. Aside from trading full-time for the company's capital, Mr. Terzano is directly involved in the recruiting of new traders. He lives with his family in the south of France.

- Savius Certified Trader program (preparation and training for aspiring independent and prop traders)
- Semi Auto Strategies and proprietary trading tools.


Trend Trading Plan Webinar Series

Introduction to Savius LLC

Interested in becoming a Certified Coach? Please contact us at trade@infinityfutures.com and we will send you an informational package.