Vasillia Kavvathas - 3rd Place LTC 334

Vasillia K

Orange, Greece

"Do what you love and you will be successful."

I hold dual citizenship both in the U.S. and in Greece. My primary occupation for the last 17 years is owner and operator of a very successful, independent, fast food restaurant in Southern California. After raising two boys, one of which is entering Medical School and the other entering College next year, I stumbled upon day trading equities three years ago and have been hooked ever since. I have only been trading Futures for a total of three and a half months now and I absolutely love the way they move. I definitely take a top down approach starting with the daily, 25 min, 5 min then the one min. for entry.I am a trend follower most of all. I enjoy observing and trading the overnight session as well as the day session. Since I am very new to trading and especially Futures, I am constantly observing, noticing, studying and learning everyday. I have been in a few trading groups which made me realize that I am a highly independent trader and these groups are not for me. The best part of wonderful husband of 28 years has been very encouraging and supportive of my new found passion.

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