Sandra T - 1st Place 2nd Annual Live Trading Challenge Champion

Sandra T

Kindenheim, Germany

"For my analysis I solely use Fibonacci's and RSI on a pure chart. I always have a look at the big picture in higher time frames but use 10 min chart for intraday and always enter a trade from the 1 min."

I grew up in different places across the region of Southern Germany.

I came into trading by chance in 2013 and while I'm giving best rising my five wonderful kids (aged between half a year and 15 years ) that's not enough of a mental challenge for me, so I also found joy in trading.

I'm a self-taught trader and I skimmed through some of the trading book "classics" but my actual trading style and technique is based on Elliott Waves so I read all the theoretical basic stuff (e.g. Prechter).

But I learned the absolute most for practical application from a group of traders called EWPIPS (available through their facebook group and/or their own homepage). I also had some learning fun while watching most movies available about trading.

I prefer trading CME foreign exchange markets as well as the ES and added CL quite recently. With the exchange markets packed and being in Europe I'm able to trade throughout the full US-Session but prefer the US morning and afternoon session which I like best from tuesday to thursday--- trying to stay in an adequate work-family balance.

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