Cort Hooper - 1st Place LTC 333

Cort Hooper

Pittsburg, Texas USA

"I really enjoyed the live trading challenge. The platform was very easy to use and the customer service was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone trying to profitably establish their own system and/or way of trading."

Charles Cortland "Cort" Hooper has been involved in trading markets since the age of 19, being an early pioneer in the use of computers in market analysis and trading in the late 1960's, while at the same time working as a missile guidance and systems reliability engineer. He has published 2 national market advisory newsletters and articles in national financial publications while holding a financial advisors license and subsequently 4 securities licenses. He also did large audience trading seminars for clients of a major commodities brokerage firm in Chicago. His main vocations were as a real estate developer and business/financial advisor prior to retirement age when he shifted full-time to automated algo systems development (including HFT). This is the first and only trading competition in which he has participated.

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